You look in the closet and you look on TV and nothing looks like YOU. Sound familiar? Kemetistry, an black clothing brand, gets it. With them, you are their first thought, not their paycheck or last resort. As their mission statement goes, “Kemetistry is here to express positive imagery of melanin people to empower us as a whole with products that reflect our beauty.” 

Beauty is more appreciated when the emphasis is laid on the vessel exhibiting the beauty. Human beings as a whole have to be able to reflect the beauty embedded in them through fashion, and we, as African Americans have a lot about that we would love to show to the world. One of the ways to showcase these ideas can be through fashion as long as we live in a society where fashion matters to people. From childhood, we are trained to dress to impress. We are told that dressing has a way of telling about a person's origin, heritage, and life. Kemetistry’s apparel for melanin people helps remind us and all that see us our original and complex beauty.


Classic Hip-hop T-shirt by Kemetistry

Comfort: Many times we wish we had the power to change what is in the market for us to buy and wear. With Kemetistry, we have the opportunity to really see ourselves in our clothing. They make clothes that give us the comfort derived from wearing what really suits us instead of wearing whatever is made available in the market.  


Label: Just like iPhone users are considered classy by default. People use labels and brands to position themselves in our society. Kemetistry is an black clothing brand that uses our history as the label. It tags cloths in a way that will represent the values and beliefs as well as the struggles that people that pop with melanin are associated with. 

Black Girl Magic T-shirt by Kemetistry

ArtistryAfrican Americans are very talented in arts and many other fields.  At Kemetistry, they fuse into their designs the indigenous craftsmanship of African Americans, thereby producing clothing that we can really call our own. 

Melanin Poppin T-shirt by Kemetistry

Durability: Melanin popping skins are tough skins and they deserve material that can last as long as they do. The cloths produced by Kemetistry are durable, and they don’t sag at the slightest provocation; their colors remain vibrant after a very long time. 

As individuals, fashion places us somewhere in the society. We subliminally want to be placed in some spots. Now as we live in a society wherein creative African Americans can move the way they feel, having and buying from an black clothing brand will further aid us to express ourselves in a true and authentic way.

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