Black Father’s Might-Time to Celebrate Black Dads On Father’s Day


With Father’s Day just a few days away - now you ask, what day is it? It is set to be celebrated on the third Sunday in June and it represents a very important day in the life of a lot of people across the world.

However, for us, Father’s Day is not only set to celebrate fathers this year, but in our own way to celebrate black fathers and acknowledge the tremendous good they have done and continue to do.

We believe that International Father’s Day is a celebration of unsung heroes because as important as fathers are, they are rarely celebrated. Particularly with the recent surge in the feminist movement, it seems as though men have been placed on the back burner.  

But on the occasion of this year’s Father’s Day, we are set to specially celebrate not just fathers alone but black fathers. Are you puzzled on how we plan to do that? Bother less, we have decided to highlight the positive roles of American African Fathers on their children to reveal the might of an American African Father, shall we get started?

Two little black girl walking

The Power Of Play

While anyone can argue that the mother spends the most amount of time with the child, the father has a similar smaller amount of time to spend with the child(ren). However, we cannot deny the fact that black fathers make up for this by engaging the child(ren) in a physical, and tantalizing play.

This method of play is different from what the mother can offer. With a high level of unpredictability, black dads can incorporate a few morals into roughhousing with a five-year-old, or tell a seven-year-old that kicking and biting are not acceptable. In this simple way, black dads can easily address juvenile delinquencies, and enforce virtues that live on within their children long past their playtime.

A black father with his black daughter and black son


Encourage Risk Taking

In this Father’s Day 2018, we can only appreciate the fact that the two genders that parent a child are so distinctively different and this has caused a deeper appreciation of black fathers.

One of the differences that exist between the two genders manifests in child rearing.  While mothers will most times recommend the safety and wellbeing of the child; black fathers encourage risk-taking while they ensure the safety of the child.

This risk-taking factor that is taught early on becomes useful in several other areas of life. This invaluable skill taught by black dads helps the child to find his or her foot in unfamiliar environments, resulting in greater adaptation.

A happy black family

Photo by Army Medicine from Flickr

Reduction In Delinquency

Beyond every aorta of doubt, black dads play active roles in rearing their children and this reduces delinquency in children while growing up.

It has been statistically proven that children who are reared by both parents have a lesser rate of depression, teen pregnancy, and suicide or even joining an extremist group. These key indices show the effect of involving black dads in the child-rearing process.

Proud black dad with black child

Enforcing Discipline

While it is not impossible, it is rare to find mothers who disciple children more than fathers. The truth is, black dads max out the discipline. They hold the house together with a high level of discipline that is hard to replicate.

So here we have it, on Father’s Day, you will be doing a lot of good by celebrating your dad and every other black dad out there. Come on, do reach out with love!  

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